From our highly precise product and unlimited customization capabilities to our superior engineering expertise, we provide fast automation solutions that enhance your capabilities and competitiveness. Our solutions fuel breakthroughs, innovation, and success. They help you achieve what once seemed unachievable. And they empower you to make the products that simplify, improve, and advance people's everyday lives.

Custom Automation Solutions Designed Every Day

We have the engineering expertise and factory capability to customize solutions across industries and applications. Currently, our database includes over 35,000 unique designs born out of a commitment to provide our customers exactly what they need. On top of that, we often deliver customized solutions more quickly than other manufacturers build standard products.

PHD at Home and Around the World

From humble beginnings, our core capabilities have grown, our product line has advanced, and we’ve expanded operations across the globe. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is our commitment to building automation solutions that help our customers work smarter and keep moving forward.


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