Series PNC clamps

Series PNC Pneumatic Identification Stamping Clamp

Identification Stamping Clamp


Series PNC Pneumatic Identification Stamping Clamps, also known as the Number Cruncher® Clamp, features a high clamp force to stamp characters in draw quality steel. Available in three sizes, the largest produces up to 48,330 pounds (215 kN) of clamp force with 87 psi (6 bar) to effectively stamp dates, shift numbers, and model numbers into metal panels and other materials. Series PNC Clamps are ideal for identification stamping in a wide range of industries including assembly machine builders, automotive suppliers, and aerospace, but with custom tooling, they are cost-effective solutions to your stamping, staking, and crimping applications.


Operates quietly in 0.2 seconds, eliminates downtime required for changing or replacing characters.


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